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I’ve helped create demo apps for the community, often combined with articles and/or videos. Here are some examples of stuff that I have built.

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Real-time Video Analysis (Python)

This app uses computer vision instantly analyse and quantify athletes’ movements in any video.

App | Article | Webinar

Big Geographical Data Analysis

These apps analyse big geodata, using cluster computing to ensure scalability.

Ship data app | Power grid app | Power grid app - Source code | Webinar

BI Dashboard App

This app shows how to leverage a database of customer reviews to provide analyses of key trends and insights.

App | Article

Network analysis

Network diagrams can reveal details and relationships that may not be otherwise impossible to identify. Here, a dynamic, filterable, interactive network diagram is created on-the-fly to help users explore tens of thousands of nodes.

App | Source code | Article

Portfolio analysis

Article | Video

Custom Visualisations

I have also built various types of data visualisations.